Scientific Disciplines Provide Framework for Presentations, Networking

Science, and how to increase representation in science, is the cornerstone of the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS). ABRCMS takes that big concept and narrows the focus by categorizing meeting content into 12 scientific disciplines that cover the biomedical sciences. The goal is to encourage member scientists to engage in multidisciplinary research, problem-solve across disciplines and, ultimately, make transformative discoveries.

Leah Dixon

The ABRCMS 2022 program includes scientific sessions from each of the 12 disciplines. Scheduled networking lunches combine groups of like disciplines so students can meet others in their areas of study and research. The conference also features networking sessions where students can learn more about their disciplines, what scientific societies serve their disciplines, and what types of opportunities are available in their scientific fields. Poster abstracts and oral presentations also are categorized by discipline. 

“It’s also a great way for students to see a variety of disciplines and open their minds to where their research may intersect with other disciplines,” said Leah Dixon, senior specialist in education at the American Society for Microbiology. 

Most of the 12 disciplines have sub-disciplines that narrow the science focus even further. For example, there are 6 sub-disciplines under Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Biochemistry, Biomolecules, Chemical Biology, Genomics, Proteomics and Structural Biology. (Visit for a complete list of ABRCMS sub-disciplines.)

The ABRCMS 2022 program features 120 oral presentations, over 2,000 poster presentations and about 150 virtual ePoster presentations. In-person poster presentations will be grouped together by discipline in the Poster Hall. Presentations are assigned to one of 6 hour-long sessions on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 10-11, so attendees and judges will have a chance to see all the poster abstracts. Oral presentations are also scheduled for Thursday and Friday, and virtual ePoster presentations are scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12. 

Students will give oral presentations in session rooms separated by discipline/associated disciplines. Each oral session will have 5 students, and each student will have time for a 10-minute slide presentation and a 5-minute question-and-answer period.

All presenters have selected a discipline that best suits their research. Top poster and oral presentations in each discipline will receive awards.

Dixon said the number of disciplines and the types of disciplines have changed over the 20-year history of the conference. 

“The Steering Committee regularly considers if the conference scientific disciplines are representative of the biomedical fields and where the science is headed,” she said. “Individuals of the ABRCMS community have also made suggestions for new scientific disciplines/sub-disciplines and all are reviewed by the Committee.”

Register for ABRCMS 2022

It’s not too late to register for the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS), the go-to conference for underrepresented scientists at various stages of their professional and educational journeys. ABRCMS includes programming for undergraduate students, graduate and postdoctoral scientists, faculty, program directors, administrators and more.

ABRCMS 2022 is being held Nov. 9-12 in Anaheim, Calif. Can’t make it in-person? The meeting features a virtual component so you can still participate in this dynamic event.